Testimonials - waynerichardphotography

“Just wanted to say thank you again for all your hard work and preparation - it really showed and paid off!!!  I even heard one of our club's harshest critics say that your talk was really well done and that he appreciated (as did we all) the progression and organization (and not to mention, quality, of course!), of images.  Wonderful work!”

Carrie Barton
Programs Coordinator - North County Photographic Society (San Diego, CA)



“I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful presentation at the North County Photographic Society last night.  Your comments and photos on catching the moment when a subject first makes eye contact was very helpful.  I've not really considered how much that can affect the feeling of a photo before. My favorite subject is wildlife photos.  The one lion photo showing the very fit lion striding past was unusual and really shows the power and grace of the lion.  I really thought the composition and lighting enhanced the feeling of the photo.”

Ron Nash
Newsletter - North County Photographic Society (San Diego, CA)



“A friend and I attended the S.D. Photography Club meeting for the first time last night. Although we did not speak to you after your presentation, I did want to send a quick email to thank you.  As a new photographer, less than two years, I am always interested in learning more about this great hobby.  You did an excellent job in presenting photography in a humble, honest, interesting and inspirational way. Seeing your images and hearing the account of what was happening while you were photographing your subjects made me feel as if I was there myself.  I especially liked the exchange between you and the lady in the market as you handed her a photograph from a previous year in China.  Your photos tell such an honest exchange between subject and photographer.  Outstanding!  Thank you for the inspiration to keep moving forward. Your presentation was very much appreciated by myself and my friend.  Best of luck to you as your photography business continues to grow and inspire.”

Mike Rich
Attendee - Sierra Club, San Diego Photography Section Meeting